Tunis has lost one of its great women: Dr Azza Hammou, professor of pediatric radiology

With great sadness ISR informs that our colleague and friend Dr. Azza Hammou, pediatric radiologist, passed away on 2017 August 6th. Dr Samira Merai , Minister of Health, has announced her death with great sadness: ”The Tunisian medicine has just lost a great woman, the professor of pediatric radiology Azza Hammou, an invaluable loss. I express my sincere condolences to her family and  colleagues.  May God welcome her in His eternal paradise”.

Dr. Hammou was Professor of Radiology in the Medical School of Tunis, Director of the Tunisian National Center of Radiation Protection, Past President of Mediterranean and African Society of Ultrasound, active member of the African Society of Radiology (ASR) and the International Society of Radiology. We may add much more information about Azza’s CV, but the most important thing we will remember from her concerns her professional commitment and her human values.

She was a collaborator of WHO in field of radiation protection and public health. Recently, Dr. Hammou was a major organizer of the 17th French-Tunisian Congress of Radiology &  4th Congress of the African Society of Radiology held in Hammamet, Tunisia,  from March 31th to April 2nd, which was a real success, as proved by its more than 400 participants, the quality of its scientific programme and technical exhibition. It included a successful " AFROSAFE" session where both speakers and audience exchanged national, regional and global experiences, identified common problems, proposed solutions and discussed next steps to improve safety and quality in medical imaging in Tunisia and in Africa. Azza was actively involved in this session and she encouraged all to continue working together towards the forthcoming African Congress of Radiation Protection AFRIRPA-5 to be hosted by Tunisia in 2018.

This is a great loss for the African and the global community of radiology and radiation protection. Azza’s human values, professionalism and commitment with safety and quality in medical imaging encourage us to continue working together and strengthen our collaboration towards improving quality and safety in radiology in Africa. 

ISR would like to express our sincere condolences to her family and let them know that our heart and thoughts are with them in these so sad moments. We wish they will find the comfort and peace to go through this difficult time.



  • Medical school: « Faculté de Médecine de Tunis » October 16969 – June 1975

  • Residency: October 1977

  • « Assistanat des Hôpitaux de Paris à titre étranger » January 1983

  • « Médecin spécialiste en radiologie »: Mars 1983

  • « Assistanat à titre étranger des hôpitaux de Paris  » April 1983

  • « Assistanat des Hôpitaux de Tunisie »: April 1984

  • « Médicat des Hôpitaux » : November 1989

  • « Agrégation» November 1990

  • « Professor» in Radiology: November 1996


  • SAGNA Safety Advisory Group for Nuclear Applications   member 2012-2014

  • WATEC International Radioactive Waste Technical Committee  of the IAEA member for 2012-2014

  • Member of National Experts Group in charge of Nuclear Law and regulations elaboration  since 2008

  • IAEA temporary advisor since 2007

  • Representative of Competent Authorities identified under the Convention on Early Notification of a Nuclear Accident and the Convention on Assistance in the case of a Nuclear Accident or Radiological Emergency (NCACG): since 2007

  • National Contact point in the import and Export of Radioactive sources 

  • WHO temporary advisor since 2005

  • Technical cooperation IAEA and WHO national radiation protection projects national coordinator since 2004

  • Head of  Tunisian National Radiation Protection Centre  - since June 2004

  • Head of Radiological Department  in Children Hospital –Tunis 1995-2004

  • Member of Administrative comity of Tunisian Nuclear Technical and Scientific Centre  since June 2004

  • Member medical committee in  Children hospital of Tunis 1995-2004

  • Member of Arab Board of Medical specialisation in Radiology since 2003

  • Coordinator of MRI centre of  Tunis 2000-2003

  • Professor in Radiology Medical school of Tunis since 1996

  • Member of Radiological College Teachers of Tunis since 1995

  • Member of Technical Committee of Equipment Department of the ministry of Health since  1995


Training in Tunisian university hospitals: 1975-1978


  • Pediatric Radiology Fellowship: Pr Clément Faure, Hospital Armand Trousseau Paris (France) 1979-1981

  • Vascular Imaging : Fellowship Pr Benozio Hospital Charles Nicolles Rouen France 1181-1982

  • Computed tomography , Interventional Echography  and US Doppler Professor Lopez Nimes (France) : January - October 19 88

  • MRI imaging  and vascular radiology Professor Brunelle: Enfants malades Paris    (France) January -  February  1992

  • MRI techniques, Pr Perlemutter , Hôpital Universitaire des Enfants de la Reine Fabiola, Bruccels (Belgium) May - June 1994

  • Radiation protection, Sacley Paris (France) : October  2001 (IAEA courses)

  • Teaching The Teachers in  Radiological Emergency  : Cairo (Egypt)October 2004   ( IAEA courses)

  • AFRA Training Course on management in nuclear institution : July 2005

  • Training Course Demonstration of Boss Concept – SAF – Pretoria – 14/11/2005

  • International conference on the safety and the security of  the radiation sources toward a global system for the continuous control of sources throughout their live cycle, Bordeau 17-1 July 2005

  • Radiation Protection institute of Ireland Scientific visitor August 2006

  • « Autorisation et inspection des sources de rayonnement en Radiothérapie » : Madagascar Septembre 2006

  • Regulatory Authority   Self Assessment training course – Bamaco -August 2008

  • Quality Assurance Waste Management  - Tunis- October 2008

  • Medical response for Radiological emergency- Tunis- November 2008

  • Search and secure orphan sources – Tunis- January 2009

  • Waste Management : August 2010 –Pretoria- South Africa

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