WHO publishes Rapid Advice Guide on chest imaging in COVID-19

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on Jun 12, 2020

The World Health Organization (WHO) has published a Rapid Advice Guide on the use of chest imaging in COVID-19. The guide provides health care professionals with recommendations on the appropriate use of different imaging modalities in COVID-19 cases to support diagnosis and patient management decisions, taking into account different settings around the world. The ISR provided scientific and technical assistance to support this important endeavor.

NL 30 - June 2019

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on Jun 03, 2019

Save the date: International Congress of Radiology (ICR), 1-4 October 2020 - ISR signs Memorandum of Understanding with IOMP -1st International Meeting of Radiology Departments with Training-Residency - Registration phase: Until 30 June, 2019

NL 29 - March 2019

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on Mar 03, 2019

Save the date - ISR partnering with Oman Radiology and Molecular Imaging Society to organize International Congress of Radiology in 2020 (October 8-11) - World TB Day 2019 IAEA News on Radiation - Protection of Patients

ISR Global Outreach-Radiology Vol.19, No.1, 2019

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on Feb 01, 2019

From the GO RAD website, you will find One Click, Open Access links to timely and topical articles from many of the world's leading radiology journals. GO RAD includes topics of general interest as well as subspecialty content. We also include articles of interest to radiological technologists, radiology nurses, and other allied health professionals with interest in radiology and related sciences.

NL 28 - December 2018

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on Dec 03, 2018

NL 28 - December 2018

NL 27 - October 2018

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on Oct 04, 2018

The International Day of Radiology (IDoR) will be celebrated for the seventh time on November 8, this year focusing on cardiac imaging. Cardiac imaging is a fast-growing subspecialty of diagnostic radiology that plays a huge part in the assessment and management of heart patients throughout the world. Cardiac radiologists – the experts in charge – supervise or perform imaging examinations, using technology such as computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and then interpret the resulting images to diagnose and monitor a wide range of diseases of the heart.

NL 26 - August/September 2018

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on Sep 05, 2018

In memoriam Dr. Ian Isherwood - In memoriam Dr. Alexander Margulis The International Society of Radiology announces the 2018 Beclère Medal Presentations

ISR Global Outreach-Radiology Vol.17, No.2 - Spring 2018

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on May 07, 2018

Dear colleagues, the International Society of Radiology´s, International Commission on Radiology Education is pleased to draw your attention to open access content that we hope will be useful for your education, training, and practice.

NL 25 - October 2017

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on Oct 04, 2017

Monday, October 2, 2017 (ESR, Vienna). The International Day of Radiology (IDoR) will be celebrated for the sixth time on November 8, this year focusing on emergency radiology. As in previous years, more than 150 radiology-related professional societies from around the world will participate in the International Day of Radiology, holding a range of different events to celebrate, such as public lectures, department open days, national media appearances, and press events. Following on from recent themes such as paediatric imaging and breast imaging, this year the focus will be on radiology in emergency settings.

NL 24 - October 2017

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on Oct 03, 2017

International Day of Radiology 2017 to focus on emergency radiology - Free webinar on Clinical Decision Support - ISR and the ESR represented at the IAEA Scientific Forum

NL 23 - June 2017

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on Jun 04, 2017

Richard Baron 1949 - 2017 - ISR New Website - Educational contents on Tuberculosis

NL 22 - August 2012

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on Aug 01, 2012

The 27th International Congress of Radiology, sponsored jointly and combined with the Sao Paulo Radiological Society 42nd annual meeting on 3-6 May of 2012 was a towering success for both societies, agreed ISR President Nicholas Gourtsoyiannis and Sao Paulo President Ricardo Emile Baaklini. It was the first combined and bilingual international organization for both societies.

NL 21 - January 2012

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on Jan 02, 2012

Editorial: At the completion of my term of office, as ISR president, during the upcoming ICR 2012 at Sao Paolo, I would like to take the opportunity to briefly communicate and report to you once more, while expressing many great thanks to all of you, officers and members of our regional and national societies, for your support, the contribution and active participation in our programs.

NL 20 - September 2011

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on Sep 05, 2011

Editorial: As president of the International Society of Radiology, my involvement in its activities and my awareness of its intentions and objectives have convinced me that the mission of the ISR is to encourage and stimulate the further development of practical educational efforts for radiologists and trainees.

NL 19 - March 2011

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on Mar 04, 2011

Editorial: This year marks the expansion of some important features of the ISRs projects and educational good intentions. Those features include the third of our virtual congresses on our website, the conduct of the first session of the African Society of Radiology, the continuing cooperation of the ISR with medical radiation projects of the International Atomic Energy Agency, our GoRad feature to work with leading radiology journals and our hope to develop other educational projects.

NL 18 - August 2010

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on Aug 08, 2010

Editorial: International Society of Radiology activities for the next two years will have the benefit of newly appointed committees relating to other international organizations and electronic educational presentations, said the newly installed president, Nicholas Gourtsoyiannis of Heraklion,Greece.

NL 17 - February 2010

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on Feb 03, 2010

Editorial: This is my last column as ISR president in that my term ends in April at the time and place of our 2010 ICR in Shanghai. I want to thank all of you as officers and members of our national and continental societies for your encouragement and participation in our activities. Thanks to many of you, we have made considerable progress in our educational efforts in the electronic era

NL 16 - August 2009

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on Aug 01, 2009

ICR 2010 Program nearing completion - GO RAD access on ISR Website - Nominations set for 2010 ISR Officers - Presidential Comunication - Second Virtual Congress grants certificates - First African Congress - ISR joins Image Gently - IAEA mounts effort to record patient dose - Honk Kong seminar

NL 15 - March 2009

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on Mar 03, 2009

Second Virtual Congress starts in April. Presidential message. ICR 2010 progressing toward sessions in Shanghai. Medical Radiation in USA expanded. IAEA publications on imaging technology. ICRP chooses new Secretary. European School of Radiology / European Society of Radiology. British Institute of Radiology Art in medicine exhibit.

NL 14 - January 2009

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on Jan 01, 2009

Registration available for ICR 2010 in Shanghai. ICR 2012 set for Dubai. ISR Virtual Congress a Success. Presidential message. Second Pan Arab Radiology Congress. South Africa distributes tropical radiology. Fifth International Congress

NL 13 - August 2008

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on Aug 05, 2008

Ringertz leads new ISR Officers. ICR 2008 in Morocco. President's message. ICR 2010 set for Shanghai. Tropical Radiology DVD available.

NL 12 - February 2008

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on Feb 03, 2008

How to continue radiology program.

NL 11 - August 2007

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on Aug 04, 2007

Presidential Message.

NL 10 - February 2007

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on Feb 02, 2007

Presidential Message.

NL 9 - July 2006

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on Jul 05, 2006

President's Pen - Details to be completed in final weeks prior to ISR 2006.

NL 8 - May 2006

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on May 04, 2006

NL 8 - May 2006. Changes in Proposed Officer Slate.

NL 7 - October 2005

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on Oct 02, 2005

Meeting between the Presidents of the Radiological Societies of Central America and the ISR ExComm.