1st International Meeting of Radiology Departments with Training-Residency

Posted in Announces on Feb 03, 2020

Meet the Radiological Community currently in training around the world, Departments from all continents will participate

The International Society of Radiology will hold a Virtual Meeting in early 2020 in which several Departments of Radiology with Residents Training from different countries and continents will present their work to the radiological community.

Each Department will share its experience through the different contents that will be presented during the event and that will be available on the online platform. The aim of the Virtual Meeting is to present a balanced exhibition of different forms of radiological activities and ways of living Radiology around the world.

From the ISR we want to promote the visibility and participation of radiologists from developing countries and the active participation of residents and radiologists in training.

Our goal is to exchange knowledge and experiences, and to promote the use of Information Technology and Communication among radiologists, especially those that are currently in training.

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