ISR endorsed editorial on multiple imaging examinations

Posted in Announces, News on Feb 08, 2022

Multiple imaging examinations and cumulative effective dose (CED) are an increasingly topical issue. In their editorial titled “Looking critically at the paradigm of radiation exposure from multiple imaging examinations” that has just been published in European Radiology, ISRQSA Co-Chairs D. Frush and G. Frija state that imaging decisions need to be based on a benefit-risk approach taking into account the existing principles of justification as well as optimization.

Provisions such as the Bonn Call for Action should be adhered to in multiple imaging examinations (MIE) just as in single examination scenarios. Radiologists should continue advancing their responsibility for dose estimates, e.g., through Dose Management Systems (DMS), and including educational efforts on CED metrics.

Read the full editorial here.

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