NL 30 - June 2019

Posted in Newsletter on Jun 03, 2019

  • Save the date: International Congress of Radiology (ICR), 1-4 October 2020
  • ISR signs Memorandum of Understanding with IOMP 1st International Meeting of Radiology Departments with Training-Residency - Registration phase: Until 30 June, 2019
  • IAEA Technical Meeting on Radiation Exposure of Patients from Recurrent Radiological Imaging Procedures. 4-6 March 2019, Vienna
  • Radiation Protection and Safety in Medical Uses of Ionizing Radiation, Specific Safety Guide
  • ISR - AFROSAFE and ArabSafe meetings
  • WHO International Advisory Committee meeting on Non-Ionising Radiation (NIR) / NGOs meeting during WHA Latin Safe
  • European Society of Radiology - Enjoy free access to its premium event on AI: “Intelligence. Innovation. Imaging. The Perfect Vision of AI”
  • European Congress of Radiology 2019: Watch ECR Online for free
  • EuroSafe Imaging: 5 years of success & new educational material online
  • Eurorad - Back and better than ever
  • Thirty Years Later, Questions Remain on Gadolinium-Based Contrast Agent Retention
  • Online Training Resources for Radiologists in Russian Language
  • Upcoming Events.

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