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IAEA’s Rays of Hope Initiative – apply to join the pool of experts

IAEA’s Rays of Hope Initiative – apply to join the pool of experts

The ISR is pleased to announce that we have been invited by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to collaborate on the Rays of Hope (RoH) initiative on advancing cancer management by providing experts for the RoH Anchor Centres.

RoH aims to assist resource-challenged countries in establishing or expanding their capacities in radiotherapy, radiology, and nuclear medicine. RoH Anchor Centres will train fellows, organize training courses for healthcare providers, participate in IAEA coordinated research projects, promote networking, and provide experts and mentorship.

Radiologists willing to join the RoH Anchor Centers pool of experts will be asked to contribute to areas and tasks including:

  • Sharing insights and expertise in curriculum development and improvement
  • Collaboration in designing and implementing professional development initiatives
  • Evaluation of Infrastructure for Education and Training
  • Guidance in establishing robust quality management frameworks
  • Providing clinical expertise to optimize the application of innovative technologies and techniques
  • Clinical and Implementation Research
  • Cancer management strategies
  • Collaboration in exploring innovative approaches to optimize the use of resources in cancer management

Support is expected virtually or onsite (coverage of travel costs is envisaged).

For more information, please visit the IAEA website here

If you are interested in serving as an ISR representative to join the IAEA’s pool of volunteers, please send your CV and motivation letter to the ISR office ( by June 23, 2024.

The ISR leadership will select five candidates, who will be asked to complete an IAEA expression of interest form indicating the areas they would be able to support (training, education infrastructure, quality, research initiatives on collecting large clinical data, and identification/standardization of variables) and whether they would be prepared to travel.

Our collaboration in the Rays of Hope initiative is another milestone in the ISR’s longstanding collaboration with the IAEA, which has been brought to an elevated level in 2021 by the signing of formal Practical Arrangements on cooperation in the area of diagnostic and interventional radiology.

The ISR is looking forward to receiving your application!

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