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ISRQSA Call for Action

ISRQSA Call for Action

G. Frija, D. Frush, Co-Chairs of the International Society of Radiology Quality and Safety Alliance (ISRQSA).


The following ISRQSA Call for Action is proposed to serve as a set of internationally relevant recommendations and guidelines for medical radiation safety, management, and informed use. In fulfilling its mission “…to facilitate the global endeavors of the ISR’s member organizations to improve patient care and population health through medical imaging”, the ISR and its Quality and Safety Alliance will function as both a primary actor as well as a facilitator through this Call for Action.

Action 1: Act in accordance for safe and effective imaging across all ages

Action 2: Identify medical imaging performance indicators including audit tools that can be attributable to improvements in patient care

Action 3: Develop an Imaging Stars network of imaging centers (or develop a program distinguishing imaging centers) that achieve the embodiment of best practice

Action 4: Establish a mutually beneficial engagement with national authorities

Action 5: Collaborate with stakeholders (e.g., radiographers, medical physicists, WHO and IAEA) with related initiatives

Action 6: Improve information for and communication with patients and caregivers for children about radiological procedures

Action 7: Organize courses for health care professionals

Action 8: Develop clinical decision support system guidelines and implementation strategies

Action 9: Facilitate the establishment of a framework for what constitutes clinical diagnostic reference levels (DRLs) for adults and children

Action 10: Provide dose management models to establish these local and national DRLs