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Radiological Safety and Quality – Paradigms in Leadership and Innovation

Radiological Safety and Quality – Paradigms in Leadership and Innovation

This is a multi-disciplinary and inter-sectorial collaboration by international experts and leaders from academic institutions, radiology practices, professional organizations, regulatory authorities, UN and international agencies.  Established principles and new concepts, challenges and opportunities, and examples of leadership and innovations are discussed to raise awareness, share experience and facilitate development of facility-based or system-wide improvements in radiation safety, quality radiology, and patient care by procedure justification, optimization of protection and imaging data, and incident minimization.

The 26 chapters prepared by 53 experts and 11 messages from international organizations and agencies convey a common theme: there is no single panacea to improve radiological safety and quality but on-going leadership, innovation, collaboration, and stakeholder participation are needed.

Dr. Lawrence T. Dauer made the following observations in his review in April, 2014:

“This edited book addresses fundamental radiological safety and quality principles in medical imaging. … Several groups should find this book educational, including students, experienced clinical leaders, and stakeholders in radiology, radiography, medical physics, health physics, patient safety, administration, regulatory authorities, professional organizations and agencies. The book is superbly edited with chapters written as a unique collaboration of experts from leading international agencies and professional organizations, appropriately qualified for the topics.”

The publication is available as a download if your library is a Springer subscriber.  Springer has kindly offered Chapter 1 for your perusal.  This introductory chapter gives an overview of the discussions.

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